Seven Years Of Misdiagnosis, Seven Different GI Doctors, One Amazing Story Of Recovery


Imagine going to the doctor for so many years and being misdiagnosed over and over again. On this week’s episode of California Life, you’ll meet a courageous young woman with the most inspiring story.

For seven years, Maryann Wahmann was suffering from a rare cancer she never knew was completely destroying her body.

Maryann had what’s known as a Net Tumor. Net’s are Neuroendocrine Tumors that can occur anywhere in the GI tract and also in the lungs.

They’re slow growing tumors, but about 20-25% of them can produce a constellation of symptoms such as explosive diarrhea, wheezes, facial flushing and sometimes severe heart disease. This constellation of symptoms is known as carcinoid syndrome.

These types of tumors are detrimental to the body, but thanks to the remarkable discovery that saved her life, she’s now on a mission to raise awareness for the public and medical community around the world.

To learn more about Maryann’s inspiring story, watch the full segment below or see it air across the globe on California Life HD.