How To Pick The Best Medicare Plan Before Open Enrollment Ends On December 7th


Open enrollment for people with Medicare ends December 7th, and while healthcare costs rank as the most burdensome living expenses for seniors, a new report, “The Cost of Complacency,” reveals that seniors are more likely to comparison shop for things like groceries, and travel, than they are to shop for a Medicare plan.

And while the deadline to make decision about Medicare is just days away, there’s still time to make a good decision.

One issue that comes into play is that many seniors are on a fixed income and money can be tight. But it’s important to remember that the lowest premium is not always the best option.

Given that healthcare spending is expected to increase every year and that virtually every Medicare plan changes each year, seniors could be missing out on savings if they aren’t planning ahead. With that in mind, there are a number of good places to get more information.

And again, remember that Medicare enrollment deadline is December 7th so it’s important to do your research quickly. Learn more by watching the full segment below or see it air across the globe on California Life with Heather Dawson.