Sharing a Headset is Like Sharing Your Toothbrush


A company is only as strong as its employees, and when they’re out sick, the business does not happen. Most people are aware of the basics of illness prevention like disinfection and handwashing, but there is another bacteria-gathering item we may have forgotten about and continue to use. The foam microphone noise attenuator on the end of many microphones attached to a headset are breeding grounds for germs, and the ideal vector to pass diseases from one employee to the next.

Let’s not share headsets and the soft foam we all speak into, breathe into, spit into and sneeze all over. Replacing microphone windscreens frequently eliminates a source of contamination that causes illness and is essential for maintaining good health.

Compete Audio offers high quality, low-cost microphone covers for headset mics. Order here:

  1. David Clark Aviation headsets (all M-7 microphones), 
  2. Bose Aviation X, A220 Aviation headsets, Telex Airman 850, Bosch,
  3. Sennheiser Aviation Boomsets including the HMEC-25, HME100, HME110, HMEC-300, HMEC-350, HMEC-400, HMEC-450, and HMEC-460.

We also manufacture a custom product and provide fleet quantities for airlines, call centers, fitness studios, gyms and any other business that utilizes and shares headsets. Find new soft covers for your headset microphone here.