Sheryl Crow: American musician and breast cancer survivor helping other women stay healthy


She shined the stage with pop, rock, country, jazz and even blues. She was known as an American musician, singer, songwriter and actress.

Now? Sheryl Crow is also empowering other women as a proud breast cancer survivor of 15 years.

My message is one of early detection and being diligent about getting our mammograms…”

Sheryl Crow, singer, songwriter and actress

COVID-19 has drastically altered our daily lives on various levels, and healthcare is no exception. In fact, 27 percent of compliant women plan to skip or delay their mammograms in 2020.

“Well, unfortunately, we’re learning some statistics that there are going to be approximately 10,000 more breast than colon cancers missed if people don’t do their screenings,” said Dr. DaCarla Albright. “I think it’s important that if someone was cancelled due to the pandemic, which we do understand, that when their radiologist centers are open, they consider doing their screening.”

Early screening does save lives.

Dr. DaCarla Albright

Todays global pandemic may be life-threatening, but it’s not the only illness that is life-threatening.

If you go to and enter your email address to sign up for a mammogram, you’ll be entered to win a chance to attend a virtual concert with the only and only Sheryl Crow. Only ten people are chosen to attend the online Oct. 2nd show!