Social Media’s new role in keeping us connected with our loved ones after they pass away


As social media’s plays an ongoing presence in our everyday lives, it’s becoming a way for us to stay connected with our loved ones after they pass away.

Many social media users are creating memorial pages for their loved ones.

Family and friends share video, photos and their long-lasting memories, as a way to still feel close to the person they lost.

Former colleague Reporter Tom Sparks tragically died young.

Now his memory is kept alive by a Facebook memorial page created by his wife where those who were close to him often post random comments.

“It’s a way to think about Tom and get it out and share it with others to help themselves and other bring it in,” says Bill Sparks, Tom’s father.

Our host Heather Dawson also turned her mother’s Facebook into Memorial page.

Facebook friends immediately reached out with heart-warming stories.

Dawson says she was able to see rare photos and never before seen video of her mother that is now cherished by the whole family.

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