Family and friends continue to find solace through the #LoveLikeDawson movement inspiring others


Our fingerprints don’t fade from the lives we touch, so remember to leave a positive mark.

Dawson Hartwig’s memorial service was a testament to the statement. More than 3,000 people who had been touched by his unconditional love celebrated his life together.

He passed away at 20-years-old after going missing while camping with friends at Lake Arrowhead earlier this month.

Dawson was a popular college student who played water polo at CBU and at Etiwanda High School where he graduated with honors in Rancho Cucamonga.

He was a talented artist and musician who wrote and played the guitar. His original song is on iTunes as Dawson’s song.

Family and friends cope with the loss by finding solace within each other and speaking of their lasting memories with him.

His legacy will be remembered with the hashtag #LoveLikeDawson that will help share love and hope for children in poverty.

“He put others above himself and was a man of immense integrity,” says the page. “He could almost sense when those around him were hurting and he would be there to show them love.”

California Life reporter Madison Perry is one of those speaking out about Dawson’s unconditional love proceeding his death.

Madison was not only his best friend, but also his long-time girlfriend meeting at church camp as kids. She is helping spread the #LoveLikeDawson movement through her blog.

Literally the only thing that matters, what people will remember you by, is the impact you have on others. The relationships you build and the love that you show. People who show others this type of love so well throughout their life are even able to continue spreading that love once they’re gone – just like Dawson.”

As Madison shares her personal experience and God’s guidance throughout the grieving process, others – some even strangers – are finding solace in words.


Proving Dawson’s love really does live on.

Dawson was going on a mission trip to Thailand with Water of Life Community Church this summer and proceeds from the LoveLikeDawson charity will help fund future mission trips to bring aid to children in poverty stricken countries.

We encourage you to learn more about #LoveLikeDawson here.

For our full remembrance click below or watch this week’s episode of California Life with Heather Dawson.