Some Marketing Ideas to Make Your Business Stand Out During Black Friday


When it comes to Black Friday, a lot of businesses will be taking part and providing deals and promotions for customers to enjoy. Since a lot of businesses take part in Black Friday it can be hard to make yours stand out and get those all-important sales. However, we are going to help by offering some marketing ideas to make your business stand out. Keep reading to see if you can try out any of these ideas in your business for the upcoming Black Friday. 

What is Black Friday?

You might have heard about Black Friday before but, you might not know why this event takes place. Black Friday is the day following Thanksgiving where businesses offer different discounts, deals and promotions to customers so they can make enough sales through the year. Not only is Black Friday good for retailers but, it is also good for customers. This is because more customers shop at this time of the year to pick up bargain sales and get their Christmas shopping without having to spend as much. 

Discount Hour 

One of the Black Friday marketing ideas that you can consider to make your business stand out is to offer a discount hour. Instead of offering a whole day of sales, you should consider offering an hours’ time slot worth of sale time. This is because all your customers will be ready to start shopping for that time and will want to get in quick so, they don’t miss out on any of the sales you are offering. 

Free Gifts with Purchases 

If you want to make your business stand out in the Black Friday event, you should try to offer free gifts to customers when purchases have been made. Customers will be more likely to shop from you if they can also get a free gift along with the initial item they are buying. To make sure you can still make profits, you should carefully select the products that you are giving away for free or, even set a certain spending limit to join in on this deal. 

Extend Sales 

Not all businesses offer sales for more than one day at a Black Friday event so, if you want to stand out, you should consider extending your sales. If you extend your sales, you could make more money as more people will visit your store or shop online to get the items that they are looking for. This is good if you have a lot of stock you are looking to move as people will more likely buy items at sale prices rather than at the initial prices.  

Release New Products 

Another way that you can make your business stand out during a Black Friday event is by considering a new product launch. People are always looking to buy the newest products and use the latest services so, if you release them on a day when a lot of people are out spending money then, you will be able to gain a lot more interest. You can even consider putting them on sale for a discount price to generate even more sales with the new products as people will want to buy them when they are cheaper before they go back to their full price.

Keep These Ideas in Mind 

With Black Friday fast approaching we have given you some new marketing ideas that you can try to make your business stand out during this time. From different deals to extended sales to releasing new products, these are just some of the ways that you can make your business stand out. Make sure to give them a try!