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St. Mary’s Medical Center hosts fashion show for patients who have together lost over 3,000 lbs


St. Mary’s Medical Center is fighting the obesity epidemic one patient at a time. The center is celebrating their patients’ successes with a fashion show and awards dinner where 25 models strut their stuff on the runway to celebrate losing more than 3,000 lbs, together.

Patients are coming from all over the world to see the physicians at the Surgical Center for Weight Loss at St. Marys Medical Center, and for good reasons. The medical center is home to some of the best weight loss surgeons you can find including Dr. Fobi, the creator of the Fobi Pouch which many of the patients in the fashion show used. But the night of events is less about the Doctors, and more about the patients.

For most patients, weight loss means more than just looking good, it means curing diseases. There are patients who had diabetes who are now diabetes free. The center also has patients who are free of sleep apnea, who are off of chemo-dialysis and off lists for liver transplants.

The Center for Surgical Treatment of Obesity offers a number of options for surgical weight loss. As a premier center, they have expertise to offer for Gastric Bypass, Gastric Sleeve, the Fobi-Pouch and the Adjustable Banding procedures. Dr. Mathias Fobi was a presenter at the event and also explains why the Fobi-Pouch is a successful long term weight loss solution.

Dr. Fobi explains why his particular method has been so successful. He says in the regular Gastric Bypass, with time the opening stretches making it easier for patients to gain back the weight. With the Fobi-Pouch, the ring keeps the size of that opening the same for the rest of their lives.

The patients call the surgeries just the beginning of their journey down the road to permanent weight loss. They have used surgery as a tool, but maintain healthy eating and exercise to keep the weight off.

Obesity is often misunderstood. Severe obesity or morbid obesity has become an increasingly common and serious problem that can have drastic negative impacts such as Diabetes, hypertension, sleep disorders, depression and many more serious effects. By helping patients take that first step to a healthier life, the Center has changed the lives of the patients.

The fashion show and event has helped patients be recognized for their hard work and dedication towards improving their wellness.

For more on the events at St. Mary’s Medical Center in Long Beach watch the clip below.