Stop by Sanctuary Vacation Rentals and Support Your Community With Kindness Monterey


Pay the love forward with kind gestures and acts of appreciation towards your local service workers.

Kindness Monterey has partnered with Monterey’s local restaurants, cafes, bakeries, coffeeshops, wineries, and food trucks so that people like you and me could support them and keep coming back!

These businesses are the anchor of the community and provide so much more than food and drink. These are the places where we meet to celebrate, share our human connections and live life to its fullest.

Founder, Annee Martin, is the owner of the beautiful Monterey Peninsula Vacation Rentals in Monterey, California, where the views are outstanding, food is extraordinary, and unforgettable memories are made.

Monterey Vacation Home
Artist’s Way and Madden Suite
Pine Place

Here’s a list of Thing to Do for your next staycation at the Monterey Peninsula Vacation Rentals:

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