How YOU can help rescue dogs from South Korea: Just fly


I love my two dogs, and they’ve been keeping me sane through quarantine. But across the world in familiar places such as South Korea and India, dogs are sometimes seen as food, not companions. In Defense of Animals (IDA) partners with committees across the world to save dogs from slaughterhouses, puppy mils and more.

In South Korea, In Defense of Animals partners with volunteers and committees such as the Jindo Love Rescue to save dogs from the meat trade.

“The consumption of dog meat has been very much decreasing, and there’s been a bit of a cultural revolution in Korea where people no longer see dogs as animals who should be eaten,” said Fleur Dawes, Director of Communications at IDA. “The younger generation overwhelmingly actually see dogs as companions, so much of our work is actually shifting to save dogs from puppy mills.”

The Korean Jindo is a breed of hunting dog, and though considered a national treasure in Korea, many face the fate of consumption.

IDA helps these “victim” dogs escape their cruel reality and find homes in North America.

“So we fly to multiple airports,” said Dawes. “You can see all of them if you go to our website”

Continued Fleur: “All you need to do really is get in contact with us and give yourself a little more time at the airport. We handle everything. Our rescue partners in Korea are absolutely incredible people. They’ve got all the paperwork signed, all these dogs have had rocks of vaccines, they’re ready to go, they’re in their crates.”

And to adopt?

“If you are interested in adopting a Korean dog, we would be absolutely thrilled,” said Dawes. “We are always looking for good homes. And really all you need to do is join the FaceBook group. So we have all of the dogs who are currently available for adoption, I believe we currently have 26 dogs who are waiting for homes, so you go into FaceBook and type Jindo Love Rescue available for adoption.” 

COVID-19 has limited opportunities for flights and adoptions. Help save these intelligent, lovable dogs who need FURever homes. Fly, adopt or donate.