Tayna Denise Fields and Amazon make groceries more accessible for all customers


We welcome the executive director of the Black Feminist Project, Tanya Denise Fields to California Life with Heather Dawson. Tanya has teamed up with Amazon and she shares more details about what they are offering.

Fields is based in South Bronx, a vibrant and resilient community all too familiar with having to make a lot with a little. Fields does critical work with others in the community to combat food insecurity and hunger. Also, as a mom of six, she knows how challenging it can be to make time to prepare nutrient dense yummy meals at an affordable cost.

Fields says that now more than ever it is essential for families to have easy and convenient access to food no matter where they live or what their income level is.

Amazon is working to make groceries more accessible for all customers and snap ebt recipients can now use their benefits to order groceries online. Snap ebt recipients can use benefits on amazon.com and amazon fresh to access shelf-stable pantry items, as well as fresh produce and proteins delivered right to their door, with no membership or minimum spend required.

Through Amazon, you can find anything from frozen food to snacks to fresh fruits and vegetables and more to create healthy and easy meals for your family. Some of Fields’ personal favorites are brown rice, quinoa, oats and grains, broths, and sauces that take your dishes from blah to boom.

Snap users can also receive exclusive deals and savings in addition to saving 15 percent on select products, like baby food, diapers, and more. We are all looking for a grocery option that is convenient, safe, and affordable.
Amazon’s grocery offerings and discounts for snap ebt customers does just that. For more information and to enroll your benefits visit amazon.com/snap