The Jackie Robinson Foundation is Keeping His Legacy Alive with its College Funding Program.


A few years ago, baseball legend Jackie Robinson and his family, held a concert in their Stamford, Connecticut, backyard. The concert helped raise bail money for jail freedom fighters. Martin Luther King Jr. was in attendance of this fundraiser.

The Jackie Robinson Foundation held its 4th annual Jazz on the Grass benefit at a private estate in Sherman Oaks. The benefit helps raise funds for its education and leadership development program.

The foundation is a public, non-profit organization, founded by Jackie’s wife Rachel Robinson in 1973. The JRF honors Jackie’s memory by keeping alive the spark and commitment he brought to social issues by supporting college-bound minorities seeking to develop their potential. 

Nicole T. Whiteman, Associate Vice President of the JRF, says that there are 248 JRF student scholars across the country, 92 colleges and universities, and more than 32 states. There is a nearly 100% graduation rate. Whiteman says JRF distinguishes itself by being much more than a scholarship existence. The program creates a family and appreciation aspect. 

The foundation has awarded over 18 million dollars in scholarships with the help of benefits, silent auctions, and donations from well-known companies like the MLB and Ford Motor Company.

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