From Gardener to Winemaker: See How This Man Made His Dreams Come True.


California Life’s Monique Soltani shows us the journey of a man who went from a gardener to a winemaker in Santa Cruz

In Santa Cruz, winemaking dates back to the 1800s. Today, there are more than 70 small family-owned wineries in the region. 

Vine Hill Winery is perched high above the bay, and deep in the heart of the Santa Cruz mountains. It’s one of the highest-rated wineries in the region. 

Sal Godinez said when he was called to work for a winery he spoke a little English and did not see himself involved in the wine business partially due to the lack of Mexican representation in the business. 

His thirst for knowledge is what got him to the winemaker he is now. A position opened up in the cellar, so he began practicing his English and practicing questions to ask to acquire the job. 

Now, he is a successful and well-known winemaker. Godinez is a dreamer and aspires to keep growing his winery business.