California Needs to Catch On to This Way to Build in Preparation for the Big Earthquake to Come.


California is no stranger to earthquakes. Seismologists say there’s no question the big one, an earthquake of 7.0-8.5, will hit, but they’re not sure when. However, they are sure of how it will hit. California Life’s Tom Jordan visited Coachella Valley to find out more about a way to build to withstand earthquakes.

The San Andreas fault, located in the Coachella Valley, is one of the country’s largest and most respected fault line. 

Mark Keith, is the chief technology officer of Green Sandwich Technologies, based in North Hollywood. Keith says their buildings are the most structurally sound, in terms of withstanding natures whims, and are prepared to hold up against any earthquake.

The concrete panel structures essentially sandwichs foam, truss‘, and wire mesh inside. Later, the structure receives a concrete skin application on both interior and exterior panel walls that can withstand hurricanes and fires.

This type of technology is spreading across the country, including the desert. The cost to buy one these homes is less than a typical wood house. Builders say they can keep labor cost down because it takes half the time to construct than a typical home.

Lots of Californians hope the building type catches on before it’s too late.