The new virtual treatment for chronic pain


Chronic pain is unfortunately a common issue that many people have to suffer with, especially when it comes down to movement disorders. However, this new virtual technology is about to change all of that.

Traditionally, oral medications like pills have been what most patients use for issues such as Parkinson’s disease, but they have not been effective enough for the patient. They can also come with unwanted side effects the more that the dosage is increased.

Abbott Neurosphere is a virtual clinic that allows for doctors to meet with patients without them actually having to come into the clinic. Abbott’s Infinity DBS System is a brain stimulation system that is implanted within the brain of a Parkinson’s patient and through electrical stimulation, doctors are able to control their symptoms.

The virtual clinic not only allows for patients to get treated wherever they feel most comfortable, but it it helpful for doctors too. Dr. Juan Ramirez who works in neurology, says that with the clinic being in Texas, it can be hard for patients to travel all that way for an appointment. Now with the virtual clinic, he is able to see patients more frequently and more effectively.

Neurosphere patient Darryn Wright explains how he started on traditional medications, which was not working for him. He ended up taking roughly 20 pills a day and still was not feeling as though he was being effectively treated. After doing some research, he found the benefits of brain stimulation. “I now tell people that it gave me my life back,” says Darryn.

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