Interview with Olga Petsa about upcoming film “Mixtape”


Elise Thuresson interviews Olga Petsa about her newest and biggest role of “Nicky” on Netflix’s new coming-of-age film, “Mixtape.”

Olga Petsa faced many challenging moments while filming and auditioning for this part, including nervous butterflies right before her audition. Overcoming her fear of being judged was one of her biggest challenges, Petsa says.

However, a supportive and helpful cast was one of the reasons she was able to get through it. Petsa had the honor of working with director Valerie Weiss, who also directs Netflix’s hit show “Outer Banks.” She is described as a very smart and talented person by Petsa, and her brilliance is displayed through both works.

Another challenge presented itself when Petsa was thinking of how to play her character, Nicky. She had to walk the fine line of acting cool and bad and balancing that with being a teenage girl who is just looking to have friends. When asked if she thinks her and Nicky are similar, she says that she believes them to be alike because they both want to be themselves and be proud of that.

When asked for he best advice, Petsa says to”use your voice whenever you feel like you want to express yourself. Especially living in a world with social media and all these expectations that we have to meet, all the time we prefer to stay silent because we’re afraid to get judged by society. So I say use your voice, you are capable.”

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