The Perfect Sleeping Sheets to Cool You Down This Summer


It’s heating up all over the country!

Whether you suffer from hot flashes, don’t have A.C., or just consider yourself a hot sleeper, we’ve got three words for you:


These sheets are breathable, high-performance athletic-grade SMART fabric sheets that keep hot sleepers cool, and cool sleepers COZY.

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Branding and Lifestyle Expert Will Armstrong is loving his new PeachSkinSheets.

As someone who considers himself a hot sleeper, Will’s entire bed right now is covered with these comfortable, fabulous sheets.

Armstrong had the pleasure of talking style, fashion, and trends with T.V. Style Expert Anya Sarre, who also loves PeachSkinSheets.

Anya Sarre, TV Style Expert and CEO of Styled By Anya. Check out her Instagram profile here.

With this summer heat wave, Anya and Will couldn’t agree more that everyone– no matter what age or where they live- needs to know about PeachSkinSheets.

“Not only are these the softest sheets ever, but they are antimicrobial and hypoallergenic which is so important for people with allergies and sensitive skin.”

Anya Sarre, TV Style Expert and CEO of Styled By Anya.

In fact, 90% of PeachSkinSheets customers have found that they sleep cooler.

PLUS, if you’re a dog lover like Will, there’s a new hashtag so your furry friends can join in on the fun as well!


Will Armstrong via Instagram

That’s right- PeachSkinSheets are pet-friendly! One of the best advantages of using PeachSkinSheets is that pet hair doesn’t get trapped in the fabric.

You can get a twin flat sheet and wrap it around your dog bed so even your pets can have their own PeachSkinSheets!

They come in 24 breathable, beautiful assortment of colors. Will has the Mint Julep!

They also have a free swatch program. All you have to do is go to to get free swatches.