TRENDS: Fall | Summer 2020 SUITS



1. Unstructured & Unlined suits – The more casual and easily most breathable fabric for summer! (Look for fabrics between 210-250 grams in weight!) Unstructured shoulders will make a great appearance as well.

2. Hopsack – Look out for this versatile fabric weave – very breathable and gives a thick texture that can be dressed up or down very easily.

3. Colors – be on the look out for baby blue, light grey, light greens, tans, and some salmon colors. 

4. Panama hats – True Panama hats made in Ecuador are affordable and can bring a distinct summer vibe to your look.

5. Linen – this is my personal favorite summer fabric for shirts and suits. Be on the lookout for brighter shirt colors made of linen, as well as suits. For the business community a chocolate brown linen suit is essential for summer meetings.  


1. Colors – It’s fall and it’s time to embrace earth tones – Olive green, dark brown, mid to dark grey, and charcoal

2. Patterns – Window panes, prince of whales, and pinstripe/chalkstripes will all be present. 

3. Fabric – Tweed and flannel are my two favorite fall fabrics to look out for. Look for weight between 250-300 grams in fabric weight to stay warm but not too warm. 

4. Button Style – I think in general we’re seeing more double breasted suits, but be on a specific watch for more this fall.

5. Peak lapels – Peak lapels are definitely gaining traction as more and more men realize that peak lapels make their shoulders bigger, and you don’t have to be so formal with them anymore. 

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