Weather is cooling down; Knitting is just warming up


Traditional knitting pattern writing is a lot like computer coding.  Knitters spend ~20 hours selecting a pattern or 40+ hours of mathematics creating one that reflects their individual style.  Bellish, a comprehensive iOS app, creates knitwear patterns to the maker’s exact specifications, complete with personalized knitting instructions in minutes.

Bellish is the second outing by Australian Megan Elizabeth.  Megan joined an Australian tech accelerator, Startmate, in 2018, armed with a passion for knitting and a forward-looking vision for the craft.  One that brought personalization of patterns and materials to all users regardless of their skill at pattern making. 

Megan recognized that finding the best knitting resources (patterns, embellishments, inspiration, tracking tools, etc.) isn’t easy.  With Bellish, knitters of all ages and skill levels can create projects from personalized patterns with instructions just for your size. 

Winter in coming and we’re going to be spending a lot of time inside this year.  If you already knit or have always wanted to learn, Bellish requires no design experience and is great for knitters of all experience levels.

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