Your dream job may be waiting in Puerto Vallarta

In search of your dream job? Do you love to travel? Then, this may be the perfect opportunity for you.
The Puerto Vallarta Tourism Board has partnered with to find a travel journalist who can write, blog, run a social media campaign, create video and find placement in different platforms.
DreamJobbing Founder Alex Boylan, winner of the Amazing Race Season 2, described Puerto Vallarta as “one of Mexico’s most enticing coastal destinations. Each year, millions of people come to visit their tropical beaches, jungled mountains, festive culture, delicious food and charming locals.”
So, what better place to go to “work”?
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And stay tuned for much more from beautiful Puerto Vallarta. California Life’s Marco Gutierrez recently got a chance to live the “dream” there, and will be sharing his stories in the coming weeks!