The Bar and Nightclub Show has transformed into the Bar and Restaurant Expo.

From the red carpet in Las Vegas, California Life attended the 2022 Bar at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

All of the fun and excitement began with the celebrity red carpet. Former NASCAR driver and Las Vegas native Brandon Gaughan cut the ribbon to kick off the event.

He currently operates a distillery which produces the City Light Shine Moonshine. Attendees got free samples of wine, beer, spirits, frozen drinks, and energy drinks at their booth.

Talk about going from a NASCAR driver to the distillery business: “Yeah, a bad cliché, it is,” joked Gaughan.

Over 400 suppliers showed off their new products during the Bar and Restaurant Expo, including a rotating glass infuser that can be used to smoke a beverage or snack.

SVM and LG introduced a new technology which makes it easier to manage sports viewing on large televisions and screens.

It features custom layouts for each bar or restaurant and requires virtually no training. Now, all of a bar’s technology can display audio zones, digital signage, making their lives easier.

Traditional companies like Heineken Beer, White Claw Hard Seltzer, Sunkist Soda, also had the boots and the brew- and free snack samples!

The Bar and Restaurant Expo is back less than six months from the 2021 event, which was delayed due to COVID-19 concerns.