5 Travel Must-haves That Help During Stay at Home Too



Blisslets is a stylish way to keep nausea away! Whether from motion sickness due to car/boat/air travel,, pregnancy, illness, chemo, medication, or even over-indulging during a Zoom happy hour, most people will experience nausea at some point in their life! 

Blisslets discreetly trigger a pressure point on the wrist connected to the area of the brain that regulates feelings of nausea. Unlike the conspicuous and medical-looking nausea-bands of yore, Blisslets take care of queasiness while looking like fashionable bracelets designed for men and women!

$28.99+  — Learn more on: myblisslets.com


The great outdoor trip is eventually calling but meanwhile, we have our balconies, backyards and hikes to enjoy… without the bugs!  Picaridin Insect Repellent for skin is available as a lotion or spray and is considered the first choice insect repellent by the Public Health Agency of Canada’s Canadian Advisory Committee on Tropical Medicine and Travel for travelers 6 months to 12 years of age! A family friendly alternative to DEET, Picairdin is effective against mosquitoes, ticks, and even biting flies!

$8.99 + — available on Sawyer.com and Amazon

Skin Authority’s SkinSuit

Meet SkinSuit™, a translucent, lightweight Reef Safe SPF 50 sunscreen that also shields skin from indoor blue light, infrared radiation as well as sun and urban pollution outdoors!  On your cellphone or laptop most of the day? Enjoy the blue light skin protection! Or congrats on finding your new favorite sunscreen that moisturizes, color corrects hydrates and more! 

$59 for SkinSuit™ Face

$24 for SkinSuit™ Lips 

Learn more at www.skinauthority.com/SkinSuit


Tired of arguing over whose turn it is to use the family cabin or condo?

Take the stress out of sharing your favoriteprivatevacation property with the ones you love by using SharedKey. 

This unique online property organizer was created by two brothers who wanted an easier way to manage and communicate with their family about their cherished vacation property. SharedKey is now helping families in over 30 countries around the world! 

It’s FREE (no credit card required) to use for 30 days and THEN pay if you like it! Learn more on SharedKey.com

Soon Skincare Shea Butter Hand Masks

As we have ALL learned the importance of non-stop hand washing, Soon Skincare knows it can take a toll on your skin! Check out their travel-friendly packs that are clinically proven to soften dry, cracked hands! Natural Shea butter gets to work reducing fine lines while licorice root extract and ginger combine to impart deep, lasting moisturizer that will keep your skin feeling hydrated and healthy. So JUST KEEP WASHING!

$9 – Learn more on SoonSkincare.com