6 Tips to Help Make Your Livestreams More Engaging and Lucrative


Live streaming has become commonplace. So much so that people are creating and watching live video across multiple platforms all hours of the day and night. There are creators who have turned live streaming into a profitable business, and businesses who have realized that it is a great way to connect and engage with their target market. While hitting the live button seems easy, it may not be enough if you want to reach more people and have an impact. Podcasters in particular are asking themselves how to adopt live streaming to interact with their fans. GetVokl has created a solution for this and calls it interactive podcasting.

“Interactive podcasting is a great way to connect with people and to build an audience,” explains Alexander Riesenkampff, the chief executive officer of GetVokl, a live streaming platform. “Those who use it to their advantage can strengthen their relationships with their loyal fans, increase audience size, as well as their earnings. Our platform has helped many people to do just that. GetVokl lets creators build a “real” community for the first time through interactive live shows.”

Livestreaming, for those who want to make an impact and build an audience, requires more than just going live and hoping all goes well. With some pre-planning, those who live stream on a regular basis can reach more people and have a bigger impact.

Photo Credit: GetVokl

Here are 6 tips for making your live streaming more engaging and lucrative:

  • Use multiple platforms. One of the biggest mistakes made is only live streaming on one platform. By using an app like GetVokl, you will be able to have your live stream go across multiple platforms at the same time. This will save you the effort of trying to share it later and gives people the ability to watch you live, no matter which platform they use. At the same time, your live stream can be on Facebook, Periscope, YouTube, and Twitch.
  • Body language counts. Pay attention to your body language when you go live. Your body language will either make people bored or can help engage and keep them interested. Consider your clothing as well, opting for solid colors, so that it’s not distracting, or something that ties into what you are live streaming about. Look people in the eye, and pay attention to your posture so you appear interested and engaged.
  • Have the right tools. Being a successful live streamer requires that you have the right tools and that you are always ready to go live. You should have all the things needed to do your style of live streaming, including backup power, microphones, good backdrop, webcam, and a solid internet connection, etc. The last thing you want to do is have a dead battery as you are trying to live stream from an event. Make sure you don’t have any background noises and turn off sources of interruptions like phone ringers etc.
  • Broadcast regularly. In order to build and keep an audience, people need to hear from you regularly. If they don’t, you won’t have much of an impact. The most successful live streamers broadcast regularly so that people get used to seeing and hearing from them.
  • Timing matters. The analytics matter. Pay attention when you post your live streaming events so that you can review the analytics after. Nail down when it is that your audience is more active and engaged. If you learn from your research that your target market is more active online at 8 p.m., then it is best to aim for that time slot to go live, rather than at noon. This way you will maximize your viewership and engagement. Try and go live at least once a week and ideally at the same time to build a habit with your audience.
  • Get tips. Many viewers would offer tips or donations to podcasters and live streamers, but they don’t know how. Using something like the VCoin features that are within GetVokl takes care of that for you, as it allows people to make a tip or donation as the live streaming takes place.

“We have gone to great lengths to study successful interactive podcasting and to create a platform that will help creators take their content and community to the next level,” added Riesenkampff. “To be competitive today it’s not enough to just live stream. You have to learn the tricks of the trade and be an effective live streamer. That’s where we come in.”

GetVokl is an app that allows creators to live stream across multiple platforms at one time. It’s free to use and ideal for podcasters, coaches, teachers, bloggers, reporters, or others who want their live stream to reach people on multiple platforms. It’s quick to set up and easy to use, requiring only minimal technical knowledge to use. GetVokl also features VCoin, which helps creators earn more money, by letting people give tips or donations as the live streaming takes place.

To learn more about GetVokl or to download the app, visit the site: https://getvokl.com/.