A look into a company that helps applicants beat the odds and stand out to employers: Zip Intro


Today’s job search can be tough and it can feel near impossible to stand out, but a new company has developed a program to where your next job could be just a click or a zip away.

Zip Intro is a unique professional video service, and its sister company “LikeLive” is already popular among colleges. Schools like Indiana University implement their online introduction format to help speed up and streamline the interviewing process for college applicants and soon-to-be graduates.

But there are many professionals that are either out of work or want a career change, and that is where Zip Intro comes in.

Starting as a way to help his daughters navigate their college searches, Zip Intro’s founder says the company is quickly growing as a tool to help employers weed out the competition.

The platform personalizes the hiring process and gives applicants a chance to show their personality and potential in a unique yet streamlined way.

With Zip Intro, not only is an applicant’s video attached, but all of their links get attached as well. Employers are able to get all the information, all in one profile, and save countless hours googling the applicants social media sites.

Applicants can capture video through their webcam or upload previously shot and edited work. Then Zip Intro creates a personalized link that applicants can attach to their resume and online profile.

It is simple, immediate and extremely powerful. Zip Intro gives job-seekers a chance to create their own first impression.

For more on Zip Intro watch this weeks episode of California Life with Heather Dawson or watch the clip below.