A Quick Guide to Tax Refunds


Are you concerned about delays with your tax refund this year? Andrew Wagner, Senior Tax Advisor of H&R Block breaks down what you should know about this year’s tax season on our show this week.

Do you know how much you’ll be getting back in your tax refund this year? According to H&R advisor Andrew Wagner, $2,700 dollars is the average amount.  Wagner shares that for many Americans, that amount packs a punch. According to an H&R Block Survey, over half of Americans are somewhat or very dependent on their tax refund.

“For many, it’s one of the largest transactions that they have all year.”

As he shares in the segment below, a tax refund could be delayed due to one of two credits or simply from forgetting to sign.

Full Interview with Tax Expert Andrew Wagner

Aside from refund delays, Wagner shares that many taxpayers are concerned about the new tax laws.

Wagner reassures,

“If you’re coming in to file your 2017 tax return, not much will have changed from last year. However starting in 2018 and going forward, you’ll want to start really planning ahead for the new changes.

Wagner recommends taking extra time to set up an appointment with a tax professional in order to prepare for the changes.

He adds, “There’s no fee to come in a talk to a tax professional at H&R Block.”

Remember the deadline to file is April 17th this year. Learn about your options for refund advances.

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