The Future of Vases: Amaranth Vase


Fresh flowers help brighten the home and someone’s day! Even better? Letting them bloom longer with the help of the innovative Amaranth Vase! More info and photos are below on this amazing product! Ideal for Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day and must-have products to bring on a blooming 2021!

Whether it’s a splash of color, a centerpiece to draw the eye, or a cultivated touch of blooming brightness, fresh flowers can take a space from so-so to fabulous faster than you can say ranunculus.

Now, your favorite spaces can enjoy fresh blooms for even longer with a little help from an Amaranth Vase! 

This unique vase twists apart so you can easily drain old and dirty water and then trim your bouquets without making a huge mess. Best of all, if it slips out of your hands or gets knocked off the table its durable design is shatter-proof! 

Amaranth Vase Highlights:

  • Gives you the power to keep your flowers fresher for longer!
  • Simply twist, drain, and trim to keep them vibrant
  • Tapered design and chic diamond texture add a modern touch to your space
  • Won’t chip, crack, or shatter – even when dropped on the floor
  • Crafted with a proprietary blend of marble powder and plastic for a premium feel and toughness
  • Measures 10” Tall x 3.5” Wide
  • Available in 5 colors

Make this the year you spruce up your space or treat that special someone with the help of Mother Nature and the Amaranth Vase. 

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