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An Eye Opening Memoir About A Life in Horse Racing and Rescue


Esta Bernstein’s life mission is to save horses from abuse and neglect. The way she discovered her life’s mission is both unbelievable and inspiring. 

One night Esta Bernstein dreamed of a gray horse named Lava Lady who spoke to her. When Esta woke she began to search for a horse with that name. She located two of them—one living and one who had passed on. With the help of an animal communicator who attuned to both, Esta learned there was an urgent need in the horse racing world that had gone unmet. Changing Horses takes the reader through her very personal stories and lifetime experiences with horses that ultimately led her to devote her life to rescuing and rehabilitating horses. Esta Bernstein grew up in the world of horse racing and learned at an early age the cruelty and abuse that some horses endure. When Esta purchased a horse of her own, she was drawn to an eight-year old, lame, Arabian stallion. He had severe ringbone (arthritis), fused joints and Esta was told that he would not make it to the age of 15. However, after 2 years of research, she found a way to cure him.

The horse she purchased was Caleyndar. Under her care and expertise, he became a world-famous Arabian that was featured in Robert Vavra’s “Horses of the Sun” and National Geographic’s documentary “The Nobel Horse“. He has been featured in famous work by syndicated artists and in 2004, won the Arabian Horse Times Most Classic Contest. Caleyndar’s image has been used in thousands of advertisements. Though his injury prevented him from ever being shown, he is still one of the world’s most recognizable equines in recent history.

The documentary based on Changing Horses is currently in post-production. In both the book and film, Esta is uncovering the depths of the horse/human dynamic from people all over the globe. The film explores the personal stories of how horses change people, so people can change the world. Through interviewing prominent individuals in the equine community, she discusses complex issues regarding our human value systems, reflecting on how we can adjust our societal beliefs to ensure our survival as a species, and how to save and protect horses.

This is an incredibly important and eye-opening book about what goes on behind the scenes of the horse world, from raising horses to racing and everything in between.