4 Perfect Coats for Men From The Burberry Fall and Winter 2020 Menswear Collection


It might feel like the colder months are a long way off right now, but fall will be here before we know it, and the new fashion lines we will be kitting ourselves out with to take on fall and winter 2020 are already available in stores and online. For most people, the biggest major purchase going into a new fall and winter season is outerwear, and if you’re starting to browse for new coats or jackets, then one collection you won’t want to miss is the latest menswear range from British designer brand Burberry.

Burberry is a very long-established, London based fashion company, which has been famous for well over a century for its raincoats. Now, of course, Burberry is also a great brand for all kinds of other fashion pieces, including everything from suits to streetwear, bags and belts to ties and pocket squares, but when it comes to coats and jackets, they definitely have the pedigree to make sure you get the best in style. 

Here we take a look at some of the great coats and jackets for men you can find at Burberry for the coming season, including something for just about every occasion!

Kensington Trench Coat

The Kensington trench coat has the classic, gentlemanly look best associated with this brand in earlier times, while still having a hint of the youthful, fashionable edge the designer has developed over the past couple of decades. The double-breasted style, belted waist and neat collar gives this coat a smart look, and it is also flattering, whether you wear it open or buttoned up and belted. You can choose between two lengths with this coat, with a mid-length and full-length variant available. The mid-length version is flattering on shorter men and a great option for most outfits and settings, though the long version has an iconic look that can be extremely stylish over a suit if you’re planning to wear this coat over your business attire. You can also choose between black and beige for this coat.  

Hawkhurst Coat

The Hawkhurst coat is a beautiful cashmere and virgin wool blend coat with subtle Burberry logo detailing, which offers a very smart and luxurious look. This is a single-breasted coat with two buttons to fasten it, and looks good worn open as well as fastened up. This coat is in a classic style that will look good with almost anything on the smarter end of your wardrobe, and also features small stylish touches that keep it looking modern and fashionable. This will definitely be a good investment as a coat, given its style won’t date and it has the kind of quality you can expect from Burberry’s designer collection.

Brookland Bomber Jacket

If you’re looking for something more on the casual or streetwear end of things, then this cotton bomber jacket is a great pick. With a black, beige, and red checkered pattern that is eyecatching while still sophisticated, this jacket gives you the modern flair associated with Burberry’s more casual designs along with excellent quality and comfort. This jacket will look great with black jeans, as well as with athleisure styles, and will definitely give you a bold yet versatile look that is easy to wear, and will see you through winter weekends.

Sibson Jacket

If you prefer a moto jacket style over a bomber for more casual wear, then the honey-colored Sibson jacket by Burberry is a great choice, with its cotton twill design making for a stylish texture as an alternative to the leather usually used in jackets of this style. This makes it a lighter jacket ideal for the fall. This jacket is a flattering color for most people and looks great with jeans and lighter colored shirts, tees and jerseys. It is smart enough for casual business workplaces, while still being a relaxed jacket that will look great for laid back nights out and weekends.

These are just four of the coats for men in the latest Burberry menswear collection, and there are plenty of other styles available too, including all-over Burberry check designs, fleece, and technical twill athleisure jackets, and luxurious cashmere coats. Take a look at the different great Burberry looks in the current range now, and you are certain to find the perfect coat for your 2020 fall and winter season wardrobe!