New York Times bestselling author Susan Scott’s new book ‘Fierce Love’ will revive your love life


Some of us need a guideline to help our love stand the test of time. California Life had the chance to talk to New York Times bestselling author Susan Scott about her new book, Fierce Love, which creates a love that lasts one conversation at time. 

Scott came from a corporate background, helping people in business. But now she’s getting a little more personal:

“I wanted to answer the questions people had been asking me about their personal relationships. How do we get our wings back? Why are we no longer lovers and just housemates? Why does it take so little to send love running out the back door? Why are we not disclosing what we are really thinking and feeling? What’s the conversation that we haven’t been able to have so far? If we could have that conversation, it could change everything.” 

During the pandemic, some couples have thrived and made babies. Other couples gave up. They didn’t want to do this anymore.

“It’s heartbreaking because we can talk about these things, people just don’t know how.”

– Susan Scott, author of Fierce Love.

What if it’s too late? Fierce Love includes a test to see if you are still in love before you begin the conversation. Scott wants to make sure your life is working, that you’re doing the things that matter to you, to make sure you feel good enough about yourself to be in a relationship.

We don’t even know sometimes who we may or may not be in love with because we don’t always know what’s going on with them. It can’t always be about you. It has to be about the other person as well. 

Scott constructed this book into 8 categories. The first part of the book explains why conversation is so important. The rest of the book breaks down the how, providing 8 conversations that will progress your relationship into the beautiful place we want it to be. 

A fierce conversation is designed to help you and your partner connect at that deeper level. 

Scott’s goal is that once someone reads this book, they’ll sit beside someone they care for and begin. It may seem like an overwhelming conversation to cross, but one conversation can be followed by another one. Gradually, then suddenly, the relationship wakes up. 

Fierce love will give you that answer. It’s exactly what the lovers of 2022 are looking for.