GreenCoin.AI is the first technology company to use Blockchain and AI to provide a Fitness Experience


The 2022 aggregate value of all digital currencies was 2.25 trillion according to That’s up a cool 191% from the beginning of 2021. 

Trending GreenCoin.Ai announced the listing of its GRC coin on the global crypto exchange platform, Coins Bit P2P B2B and L Bank. You get your health and fitness while earning crypto as you work out. 

Green Coin.Ai is revolutionary, burn to earn, Blockchain-powered fitness program offers mental and financial fitness while helping to heal the environment. 

GreenCoin.Ai mining will not only be powered by green renewable energy but an untapped source and human energy. The lineup of smart fitness equipment converts energy from physical exercise into cryptocurrency. It’s expected to include a stationary bike treadmill that tracks physical activity and rewards workouts with GRC coins right into your G wallet. 

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