Author Bill Wooditch wants you to move “Always Forward!”


by Brooke Schlyer

Bill Wooditch seems to be the person who can do it all.

Wooditch began his career by working his way up to be a top salesperson at several Fortune 500 companies to being the CEO of his own risk management and insurance service firm.

Being the boss has allowed him to be a mentor, well-known keynote speaker and philanthropist. These, by the way, are the aspects of his life that make him most happy and what Wooditch wants to be remembered for…not his time in sales!

Now, he can add best-selling author to his accomplishments.

Always Forward! is a guide focusing on seven secrets to becoming the most successful version of yourself that you can be in order to reach your goals and always strive for more out of life.

However, learning these secrets has not been easy.

To learn more about Always Forward! and to hear Wooditch’s humble story, check out our interview with him below, airing statewide this week on California Life.