Baliawear: the Convertible Clothing Brand


Your Fit, Your Style, Your Baliawear

Women struggle to find clothing that personally fits their body. If we come in all different shapes and sizes, how could retail’s size inventory measure that?

Baliawear is a unique, convertible clothing brand dedicated to solving this problem and putting versatility and fit first. The collections are designed to promote sustainability, transforming fabrics into multiple styles and giving women more out of each item.

Each piece wraps to the body perfectly, challenging traditional sizing norms and allowing for a personalized fit.

In March 2019, CEO and Founder Alvina Lam left a stable job at GAP Inc. to pursue and launch her own clothing label.

Inspired by the size inventory problem in retail, Lam wanted to introduce a new style of sizing. She wanted to create a piece of fashion that had a functionality so that it was easy to fit each unique frame.

“Fashion should fit you, not the other way around,”

– Alvina Lam in an interview with GoDaddy’s series School of Hustle

As a petite young girl, she struggled to find clothes that fit her body. She would cut clothing and tie things around her body for a more form-fitting look. Fast-forward to her corporate job in New York City, she was still doing the same thing with her clothes.

After a long work day, she’d transform her day-time pant look into a Happy hour jumpsuit, all while using one single fabric. While working at GAP, she received so many compliments over her products and clothes. That feedback and passion inspired her to walk away from a stable career and launch Baliawear.

She thanks GAP for the knowledge given to her, believing she would not have the fundaments to run a retail business without it. She felt a social, ethical responsibility to produce a consumer good as a “footprint” on the Earth.

Not only did she want to create a piece of clothing that could fit all sizes, but she wanted to produce a fabric that was a multi-function piece. Baliawear is a convertible line of clothing, meaning that you can use the same piece of clothing and use it for two separate items. 

The fabric and material of the product is not run-of-the-mill. She sources her material locally, hand-selecting luxurious, easy, washable, wrinkle-free fabrics that she herself would want as a customer.

She physically sews some of the products herself! She likes to stay as close to the hand-made product as she can. As a brand owner, she is close to every part of the product. 

No wasted scraps in her company! With every piece of clothing she makes, not one piece of fabric is left behind. She uses the scraps of her Baliawear clothing to make scrunchies, hair ties, etc. Beyond that, the even smaller scraps are donated directly to non-profit companies to make dog beds. 

It’s more than just “one-size-fits-all.” Baliawear provides the kind of clothing that can personally fit your body any way you want. You decide how closely you can tie to the fabric to your body, and if you want to wear it as a dress, a skirt, pants, or a jumpsuit! Best of all, you can always loosen or tighten the clothing before and after meals. It’s at your own comfort, your own style, your own Baliawear.

Learn more about this fashion-forward genius and check out the products on their website and social media platforms.