Big Ass Fans Unveils Haiku, Featuring UV-C Technology


Big Ass Fans has unveiled its latest UV-C technology fan, Haiku. As the world’s most advanced ceiling fan, it is also the first with the proven germicidal power of short-wave ultraviolet light.

Features of this product include:

  • Anti-pathogenic UV-C technology seamlessly integrated into Haiku’s world-class form and function
  • Virtually silent airflow and routine disinfection with programmable fan scheduling
  • Effortless control through the mobile app or handheld remote

Information on UV-C

UV-C is a type of wavelength on the ultraviolet spectrum that has been used as a proven method of environmental disinfection mainly in healthcare spaces for over 70 years. Big Ass Fans now brings this technology to your everyday spaces: home, hotel room, place of business, breakroom, anywhere you live, work, or play, via the iconic Haiku platform. 

Key Benefits

  • Health – Address infectious pathogens in your space by combining Haiku’s airflow with ultraviolet light.
  • Safety – Existing UV-C options are typically handheld. Industrial- and commercial-grade UV-C options typically exist as HVAC system integrations and are ineffective for wider air disinfection. Haiku with UV-C uplight is a truly unique solution in the market space. Fully integrated with the form and function of Haiku, its diodes point upward to prevent ground-level UV exposure. As a result, cleaning schedules can be safely and conveniently run with occupants present in the space and more efficiently clean the air in the space than traditional methods delivering air via HVAC systems.
  • Design – The slim UV-C kit fits seamlessly within Haiku’s world-famous design aesthetic without sacrificing sustainability and energy-efficiency staples of the fan.
  • Ease of Use – ‘Set and forget’ operation via occupancy detection and automated scheduling.

The full fan package will start off at $1,744 USD and will be available to purchase on July 14. To receive more updates on this product, click here.