Variedades del Café Galletti en sus empaques. Local del Teatro Bolívar en Quito, Ecuador

Café Galletti Makes Its Debut in the U.S. Market


Ecuador’s Leading Coffee Brand Comes to America Bringing with It  Fine Chocolates Made from Ecuadorian Cacao and a Mission to Empower Women 

 Café Galletti, Ecuador’s renowned coffee brand, is officially launching in the USA founded on its mission to promote gender equality and empower women to create a greater life for their families. Using coffee as an agent for positive change, Ena Galletti created a line of specialty coffee, produced by women to benefit women. The brand is now launching in the United States as way to further effect positive change for all women through its fair-trade practices and efforts to actively give back to women coffee producers in Ecuador. The U.S. arm will stay true to Café Galletti’s socially and environmentally friendly coffee roots while adding a line of Ecuadorian chocolates to the product offerings.   

According to, one of the South American country’s secrets is its world-class coffee. Whereas “countries like Brazil and Colombia are usually what come to mind” when one thinks of coffee, Ecuador is quickly gaining ground thanks to several advantages. “Most Ecuadorian coffee is grown on small farms. Fertilizer and pesticides are used in relatively low amounts compared to growers in other countries,” which “today’s specialty buyers see … as being good selling points.” What’s more, “The higher prices these types of coffee bring helps farmers improve their processing methods.”

Now that best-kept coffee secret has come to America with the highly anticipated debut in the United States of Ecuador’s leading coffee brand, Café Galletti. Café Galletti USA will not only introduce the famous Ecuadorian Galletti coffee brand to the U.S. market but also complement it with a new chocolate product line. 

Café Galletti’s coffee is backed by a standard of premier quality, with the aim of producing the best coffee customers have ever tasted. One hundred percent environmentally responsible, the company’s coffee products include medium roast, medium dark roast and dark roast Arabica specialty coffees and espressos. Flavors include House Blend, Woman’s Coffee (which promotes possibilities for Ecuadorian women and their families), Ecuador’s Cloud Forest, French Roast from the Volcanoes, Ecuadorian Mountains, Amazonian and Espresso from the Volcanoes.  The three most popular varieties are French Roast, Ecuadorian Cloud Forest and House Blend. MSRP $16.99 for 12 ounces.

Café Galletti’s fine Ecuadorian chocolate also comes to the U.S. market through work with direct trade relationships and farmer co-operatives. It is made using strictly 100 percent natural products, 100 percent Ecuadorian chocolate and organic fine aroma cacao. It is a high-quality 87+ rated chocolate, making it a specialty. Varieties include Bella Donna (fig and rose petal), Amazonica (pineapple, passionfruit and energy plant), Orange Mocha (orange and ground Galletti coffee) and Andina (strawberry flakes and raspberry). MSRP Four 70g bars for $29.00

To learn more about the U.S. debut of Café Galletti and its premium Ecuadorian coffees and chocolates, visit the company online at