Celebrate National Mac And Cheese Day With These 3 Tips


It’s perhaps the king of comfort foods, the dominant dish of America, and a favorite of all ages all over the country: Macaroni and cheese. Today’s National Mac and Cheese Day is the perfect opportunity to try a new variation of the dish (not that we don’t love our box of Kraft!). 

The holiday experts at National Today have pulled together a few recommendations for how to celebrate: 

  • Host a Virtual or Socially-Distanced Food Challenge Among Your Friends- All over America, restaurants would usually be enticing visitors into taking on food challenges that, if conquered, mean a free meal for those strong enough to finish them. Since COVID-19 has canceled most of these events, consider creating your own virtual or socially-distanced mac and cheese eating challenge.
  • Head to your favorite restaurants- If your local restaurant scene is getting in on the holiday, don’t miss out. Check out if any restaurants in your town are cashing in on the creamy craze, or simply visit a favorite spot and order up a classic.
  • Get Creative With Your Recipe- Not everyone can go to a restaurant due to the pandemic, but that doesn’t mean you can’t try something new. Break from the casserole mold this year and go big. For a fancier dish, try adding caramelized onions and prosciutto. To give it a fiery southwest flavor, toss in some bacon and jalapenos. Or, invite your friends to bring in a recipe of their own, and judge whose is best to determine the big cheese of the evening.

For more fun facts, background information about this holiday and ideas to celebrate, visit the page for National Mac And Cheese Day and be sure to check out National Today for more holidays.