Celebrate the sweetness of National Honey Month with these recipes and tips


Delicious honey – it’s nature’s sweet yet healthy nectar. With September being National Honey Month, it’s the perfect time to showcase the benefits of one of nature’s most versatile gifts.

Honey is a natural energy booster and a sweetener – but not all honey is created equal. Choosing real, raw, unfiltered honey means choosing honey as nature intended.

The benefits of real honey are plentiful. When cooking, honey can be used as the perfect substitute for processed sugar – a huge source of calories for most Americans.

That’s why California Life talks with Wellness Expert and Best-Selling Author Robyn Youkilis about the importance of choosing raw, natural honey with no added sugars, pesticides, antibiotics or high-fructose corn syrup.

Nature Nate’s Raw and Unfiltered Honey is the perfect example of honey that’s almost identical to how it was in the hive.

According to Nature Nate’s, “Honey adds a whole new dimension to everyday dishes. It’s a sugar substitute. It adds flavor. It makes family time better. Cook with honey and your recipes come to life in a whole new way”

To learn more about the benefits of real honey and how to incorporate it into your diet, watch the full segment below or visit National Honey Month.