Coast to Coast Takes On CES 2024


Las Vegas, NV: Coast to Coast TV’s very own Ava Lynn Thuresson recently had the chance to chat with tech expert Albert Lawrence, who showed us all around the SK Wonderland Exhibit at the 2024 CES tech trade show

This whimsical exhibit put on by the SK group features a multitude of attractions demonstrating how real-world technology and green energy can converge to create a brighter and cleaner future for the Earth.

From futuristic vehicles to AI fortune tellers, this exhibit combines both fun and sustainability, while also showcasing new technology developed by the SK group. 

One of the first rides showcased was the Train Adventure, which features a train powered solely by hydrogen energy, making its only emission water! With this ride, we get a glimpse of futuristic technology up close and experience a train ride like never before. 

The train wasn’t the only fascinating ride featured in the exhibit! There was also a Magic Carpet Ride, powered by AI-based semiconductors, that allows guests to have an immersive experience while also showing how AI can help vehicles get to their destination safer and more energy-efficiently.

Next, we went to see the Dancing Car, which showcased a fully electric car that can charge in 20 minutes or less. It’s both quick and sustainable, talk about a win-win!

Another cool SK innovation featured was the Rainbow Tube, which demonstrates a new use for recycled plastics through a technology that turns waste into fuel.

We then stopped by the AI Fortune Teller, powered by high bandwidth memory technology that provides energy-saving solutions to guide the next generation of AI. 

For more information, click on the video below to check out the full experience at CES 2024: