Could coronavirus collide with wildfire season?


This week on California Life HD episode #535, we investigate if coronavirus could collide with wildfire season. Wildfires are a fact of life, but what happens if they strike while we’re also social distancing because of the coronavirus?

In this report, we get some tips on how to manage that potential double-whammy.

When a disaster strikes, it all boils down to one thing: preparation.  As we have seen with the coronavirus, the world was unprepared, and we now know the rest. Preperation means assembling an emergency kit with things like first aid supplies, medicines, food, water, batteries and phone chargers. It could also entail an evacuation plan.

In an interview with aaron jagdfeld, chairman & ceo of generac, he stated “the shelter that you may have went to in the past, they may not be as accommodative as in the past to large groups of people because of the pandemic. Friends and neighbors who you may have been able to go to as part of your evacuation plan, they may be anxious about having people in their home. Hotels may not be available.”

You should also be prepared to survive several days without electricity. He further stated “we’ve seen people turning the types of products that we manufacture, backup generators, have become very popular, not only in the state of california, but all across the us. Small portable generators but also the whole-home back up systems that can truly help you shelter in place.”

Another tip is to make sure your cars all have a full tank of gas, and to keep cash on hand in case you can’t use your debit or credit cards

Finally, it is keep important documents handy, like prescriptions and your pet’s health records, in case you need to leave home in a hurry.