Tech Lifestyle Expert Carley Knobloch Updates Us On The Latest Smart Home Gadgets


Coronavirus means many of us are spending a lot of time social distancing at home. So now is the perfect time to see how technology can help us. Tech Lifestyle expert Carley Knobloch has some great ideas including the latest in smart home gadgets. 

I have partnered with some great brands here today that hopefully will make stay-at-home life a little bit easier.

Carley Knobloch

Starting with the C by GE Motion Sensor starter kit. It’ll trigger your smart light bulbs on when you enter a room so if you install one at your front door, you’re never going to come home to a dark house. Plus, you can program it to dim your lights at bedtime or turn them off at the end of the day so you don’t have to run around and hit every switch. 

For your front door where you’re getting all those deliveries, we have the Arlo Video doorbell. You get a notification on the Arlo app when it detects a package. And you can use the app to communicate with delivery people, with two way audio. Plus, it has great HD footage and a huge field of view so you can see visitors from head to toe and packages on the ground. 

And while staying at home during these times, it’s important to find ways to stay in touch with our bank.

Mobile banking has really never been more important now that we’re all social distancing. The Chase Mobile app will help you securely manage all of your finances without going to a branch or an ATM. you can deposit checks by taking their photo, pay bills, and send money to friends or family instantly. Plus, you can set up account alert so you can manage all your transactions and check your credit score for free.

And with many of us receiving stimulus checks, Carley warns there are bad guys out there so you need to be extra careful to avoid scams.

If you’re getting stimulus checks, scams are on the rise. There’s a few things you can do:

  • You can set up those alerts so that you can monitor transactions at or in the chase app. You want to make sure your contact info is up to date so the bank can contact you if they suspect fraud.
  • If you get a suspicious email asking for personal information or wanting to click on a weird link, definitely ignore it. But do go to to check out resources that are related to COVID-19.

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