Disneyland Resort Chef Caine Littrell shows our Audra Stafford how to bake a tasty holiday treat


Countries all over the world each have their own holiday traditions and delicious food to go with them.

In Mexico, they like to serve up warm Tamales cooked in corn husks.

The English eat Mince pie consisting of a mix of fruit and beef flavoring.

While those in the Philippines enjoy a dessert called Bibingka, a rice-coconut cheesecake. No meat mixed in for them!

Our Audra Stafford went to the Disneyland Resort to learn about other traditional meals and bake up some tasty holiday treats with Chef Caine Littrell.

Watch below to see her make up a dessert called Sweet Spiced Noodle Kugel that may give the English a little competition. Or tune into our special holiday edition of California Life with Heather Dawson airing statewide for the next two weeks!

Click here for the full recipe!