Dormzi – The marketplace with a mission Built by students, for students


Introducing, Dormzi 2.0. A marketplace powered by students.

The Dormzi marketplace allows students to monetize their unique skills by setting up their own digital store based on whatever they feel comfortable selling, whether that be illustrations, graphic designs, programming, buying/selling, or performing arts.

Dormzi allows students to connect by easily chatting with each other at their college or other colleges around the country. The marketplace allows students to connect with outside individuals, businesses, and startups to gain real-life work experience, all while placing autonomy in their hands. That is entrepreneurship: a dreamer by day, hustler by night; someone who aims to create economic and social impact by way of leveraging their passions, perspectives, and ideas.

Our very own Kaori Takee chats with co-founder Milan Kordestani about the new and innovative platform putting gen-z and professional career opportunities together.