Dr. Mona Hacker Takes on Vaping, Creating Awareness of the Dangers Affecting Our Teens


Five people have died from vaping related lung disease as the number of total cases in the United States tops 450. How much more damage will be done before vaping is prevented? Joining us in studio is Dr. Mona Hacker to discuss the impact of this latest addiction.

It’s a big deal with teens right now, it’s become an epidemic. The reason may be that teens are especially susceptible because of the marketing that is taking place now. The FDA is starting to come down on some of that marketing but with E-cigarettes and their sleek design makes them discreet. Plus flavors like bubble gum and tutti-frutti which of course again are attracting those young adults, middle schoolers and high schoolers.

I think the most important thing for parents and for all of us is to become educated about this because it’s becoming so prevalent

Dr. Mona Hacker

E-Cigarettes are a type of battery operated device where there is a liquid inside that can contain either nicotine or sometimes THC, which is the active ingredient which causes the high in marijuana and many other chemicals. The chemicals are vaporized and inhaled. Vaping is the act of using an e-cigarette of any kind.

Ironically these cigarettes came out as a safer alternative to smoking. We now know even more about how unsafe it is. However, there are still plenty of things we don’t know, because the chemicals in the e-liquid often have many different components. We’ve had five deaths and hundreds of people hospitalized with respiratory illness so there’s a lot of different factors and we’re discovering the dangers of vaping.

Dr. Hacker usually counsels parents to try to make it a natural conversation like, you’re when driving by a sign that has something about e-cigarettes or something’s on the news, that’s a great time to bring it up. There are different ways that everyone can connect with their own children but the conversation is key. Dr. Hacker appears on a lot of local news programming.

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