Drake’s Organic Spirits Plans to Donate Up to One Million Ounces of Hand Sanitizer

Drake’s Organic Spirits announced today that it anticipates donating up to one million 2 oz.  pouches of hand sanitizer to medical facilities, law enforcement personnel, EMTs and other first responders who answer emergency calls and place themselves in harm’s way.  The sanitizer will help provide critical protection against the coronavirus crisis that has crippled the country and the world. 
Consumers and other businesses are encouraged to purchase Drake’s Organic Hand Sanitizer by visiting eachouncecounts.com.  For every ounce purchased, Drake’s will make a donation of an ounce to frontline workers fighting COVID-19.  
“This is the time to step up as businesses, as neighbors and as citizens to fight COVID-19,” said Mark Anderson, founder/CEO of Drake’s Organic Spirits.  “That’s why we have converted our entire Drake’s Organic Spiked Ice capacity to the production of hand sanitizer.  We’ll focus on our spirits when this is over.  Right now, we’re focused on doing our part to save lives.” 
The conversion also allows Drake’s to continue to provide jobs during the economic downturn. 
First responders, medical facilities, managed care facilities and other organizations on the front lines of the crisis can visit eachouncecounts.com for details on how to apply for a donation of Drake’s hand sanitizer.  
Drake’s has the ability to produce up to 20 million 2 oz. packets per month in their Las Vegas and New Orleans facilities.   The Minnesota-based manufacturer of premium organic vodka and rum converted packaging for its Spiked Ice freeze-and-eat adult treats into convenient individual use pouches of hand sanitizer. 
Drake’s is following the guidelines provided by the US Food & Drug Administration and World Health Organization for the production of hand sanitizers.  Each pack includes six (6) 2 oz.  eco pouches designed to be easily opened and used to refill an existing hand sanitizer dispenser, soap pump, or spray bottle. A single eco pouch contains enough product to sanitize hands on average 59 times. 
About Drake’s Organic Spirits 
Launched in 2017, Minneapolis, MN-based Drake’s Organic Spirits is the first and only spirit line in the world to be certified USDA organic, non-GMO Project Verified, gluten-free, vegan and kosher.  The five certifications ensure a cleaner drinking option that comes only from the highest quality organic ingredients.   Drake’s continues to be among the most environmentally conscious brands in the spirits industry and deeply committed to using ingredients and processes that lead to a healthier, more sustainable planet.   A portion of proceeds from the sale of all Drake’s products benefit Long Lake Animal Rescue, which provides animals in need with a second chance at life.