Ebike Sales to Hit 130 Million & Cuts Carbon Emission in Half!


The COVID-19 epidemic has completely changed how the public is able to get around in cities. Public transportation is a breeding ground for contracting the virus and those who don’t wish to purchase a car are left with little to no options.  

Ebikes are a great option for our new coronavirus-era way of living and Deloitte predicts that between 2020 and 2023, 130 million electric bikes will be sold around the world. The dramatic increase in sales shows that globally, people are looking to shift the way they get around. Plus, they cut emissions in half! 

Lectric Ebikes, an electric bike company by two 24 years olds, created  ebikes that are able to travel distances of 50 miles at speeds of up to 28MPH. They are available to show a demo of how to use electric ebikes and share tips of 5 cool things you didn’t know about ebikes!They can also share the below during the demo:

  • Ebikes can help you social distance
    • Cycling is an excellent way to social distance yourself while effectively being able to get outdoors and quickly get to your travel destination.
  • They are cost effective
    • Ebikes are also cheaper than cars, easier to charge and don’t require large investments, like a car does.
  • They help you enjoy nature
    • Outdoor lovers can use them for off-roading on beaches and in mountains.
  • They cut Carbon Emissions in Half!
    • The Centre for Research in Energy Demand Solutions (CREDS) in the UK found that ebikes could cut carbon emissions from transportation in half. 

 More fun facts: 

  • Americans take roughly 9.9 billion trips each year on public transportation and ebikes can save emissions
  • Ebikes help with air quality improvements through limiting car use
  • Multi- roads and car parking take up to 60% of all real estate and ebikes can provide a solution to this.
  • Ebikes are a very cheap form of transportation and broken parts don’t cost an arm and a leg.