Embrace the SoCal vibes of the Malibu pier-top at organic eatery ‘Malibu Farm’


California Life reporter Madison Perry, blondetobronze, gives us the latest on the organic, pier-top eatery ‘Malibu Farm‘.

Malibu Farm: a totally basic yet hardly overrated pier-top eatery that fails to disappoint. If you live in Southern California, you’ve probably already been and if you haven’t, you’re behind the times and need to get with it. And if you’re not from California but planning on vacationing or even passing through in the city, Malibu Farm is a must-see attraction that embodies the entire SoCal stigma. Located right in the heart of the city and overlooking the breathtaking California coastline, Malibu Farm will make your trendiest dreams come true all while serving completely local, organic bites.Honestly, if I could afford to live anywhere in California, it would probably be Malibu. With the flower-filled cliffs and crystal blue shores, it’s really a dream come true. PLUS Hannah Montana lived in Malibu so let’s be real that ups the cool factor by about 20%. But, since I’m fresh out of college with lots loans to pay, the suburbs are where I’ll have to stay for a while. So in order to make do, my friends and I drive down to the coast and become mini-tourists in our own state every chance we get. Last week, Malibu was our playground.

Throughout the day, we did a lot of fun things – we saw The Getty Villa, stopped at the beach, went to The Bungalow and shopped our way through 3rd Street Promenade. Despite having done so much exciting stuff, my favorite part of the day still had to have been lunch at Malibu Farm. You literally feast on delicious, healthy(ish) food while relaxing amongst the most trendy, instagram-worthy decor – it’s like a foodies dream come true.

And BOYS: if you’re looking for a place to take someone special on a first date, here is the answer to all your problems. If someone took me here on a first date (or any date), I would cry tears of joy inside THAT’S how cute it is. Here are some pictures so you non-Californians can see what the hype is all about:Plus, if you order right, your tastebuds will have the best day ever too. I got the fried egg sandwich which I HIGHLY recommend for you breakfast fanatics like me who would eat breakfast for every meal of the day if you could. Sadly, I didn’t get the chance to try any of their desserts but I heard their strawberry shakes are to die for! So, if you’re making your way down to the golden coast any time soon, searching for a trendy place to eat with your friends, or even looking for somewhere unique to take someone special, do your eyes and tummy a favor by dining at Malibu Farm. I promise you will not be disappointed! Thanks for reading babes, I hope you have an amazing week! Don’t forget to subscribe to my blog and never miss a thing! XO