The Future is Now – Say Hello to The FedEx Bot


Airing: Episode 484, Week of Saturday March 9, 2019

Someday very soon, a robot maybe showing up at your door or place of business with a special delivery, as you’ll see in this next report. The robot will have a package for you. It’s no longer just a 1980s sci-fi movie, the future is now.

Robotic technology will be taking to the streets, as part of a cutting-edge innovation that will benefit homeowners and businesses. This is an autonomous delivery device that we believe will revolutionize last minute delivery. FedEx is unveiling a prototype of the FedEx same day bot.

It has been designed in response to the rapid growth of e-commerce and a commitment to environmental sustainability and public safety. The FedEx bot is designed to travel at moderate speeds on sidewalks and along roadsides safely delivering smaller shipments to customers at their homes and businesses.

The great thing about the bot is it has a low impact on the environment. It’s battery-operated, with a relatively small footprint, which means that we can match the right solution to the opportunity so you’re not using a 3,000 pound vehicle for a three pound delivery. The best part, they are dog friendly to.