Find Ways to Save for Back to School Shopping with Coinstar


Coinstar back to school is getting kids ready for the new school year, which can be costly and cut into families finances. Coinstar recently conducted a survey of parents and found that 3 in 5 parents are stressed about back to school and many are finding creative ways to cover the cost. 

About 66% of parents plan to create a back to school budget. Budget pressures are prompting them to come up with creative ways to combat rising school costs. 

One-third of respondents say a crowd-funding platform like GoFundMe or Kickstarter might be a way to help for extra-curricular school activities or school trips. 68% of parents say they pack school lunches to save money. 

For more than half of parents, the largest anticipated school expense is clothing, and shopping without kids may curve spending. The survey found that 7 in 10 parents who shop without their children stay on budget.

Spare change may be a hidden source of spending power. Fifty-seven percent of parents say they consider or are planning on cashing in spare change to offset school costs. 

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