How to prevent and treat head lice this school year


A new school year means new teachers, friends, clothes and supplies for your children.  But there’s a chance the new routine could expose your family to a dreaded critter – head lice!

William Yarbrough has a look at some of the ways to handle and treat a head lice infestation.

If your child gets head lice – would you know what to do?  A new survey shows millennial moms are worried about an infestation, but may not know how to treat one.

“Certainly get out a magnifying glass. Rather than running out and buying a treatment for a child who may not necessarily even have head lice, what they should do is call their healthcare provider,” explained Family Nurse Practitioner, Wendy Wright.

She also says that the first step is identifying an infestation. “If a parent suspects that their child has had lice, the first thing they should do is look at the child’s neck, the back of their neck, or behind their ears because this is where head lice often are found.”

It’s also important to remember that head lice occurs in clean, healthy heads, it’s actually not a condition of dirty children.

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