From Humble Beginnings to Success – Mustang The Story


Bill Higgs is a North Carolina businessman and author who went from humble beginnings in Ohio, to becoming the co-founder of one of the most successful engineering firms in the world.

For Bill his success story is built on a positive outlook that creates a winning business culture. An Eagle Scout and a West Point honors grad Bill served in the Army for five years before venturing into the creation of Mustang

For me Boy Scouts teaches you team building, West Point was all about there’s no “I” in team and the army is all about people, building teams and accomplishing missions.

Bill and his co-workers launched Mustang Engineering on July 20th 1987, which was the anniversary of landing a man on the moon, it was a moonshot.

Bill created a culture at Mustang that was driven by positivity and dedication. Focus went from building this great project management company to how to build a culture because that culture then delivers really great projects.

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