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Gaming During Quarantine: Surveys Show Increase in Gaming Screentime


Since the beginning of the COVID-19 outbreak in the US, more people have been making efforts to stay entertained while staying at home. The team at wanted to see how gamers are spending their time during quarantine and have surveyed hundreds of Americans on some of the most frequently asked questions and myths surrounding video games.

More Game Time Than Ever

When it comes down to it, people require faster internet connectivity to play online. Considering the quarantine and the number of people online, about 39% of online gamers say they’ve experienced buffering through their internet.

As for isolated players, studies show that 30% of them play video games between 2-3 hours a day, while 23% of them play more than 4 hours a day.

Studies have also pointed out that 18% of gamers would skip sleep in exchange for more gaming and 14% of them would skip eating and working just to pick a controller or keyboard.

Based on this observation and the number of surveys accumulated, 81% of them believe video game addiction is real.

Dealing with Children and Money

As far as the gaming demographic is concerned, children are more likely to play more video games amidst the quarantine. The surveys conducted say that 74% believe that gaming apps intended for children should not include in-app purchases, while 80% believe kids shouldn’t be purchasing content in video games altogether.

On the discussion of violence, 35% of respondents think games will incite violence amongst gamers.

Though there are different options that just said violent video games. About 16% of the surveys conducted say people would prefer shooter games, while 14% would rather play simulation games like “The Sims” and “Animal Crossing.”

Speaking of Animal Crossing…

Since the release of “Animal Crossing: New Horizons,” Nintendo Switch console sales were doubling to the point of being sold out in several stores. Despite this, only 12% of respondents say they own a Switch, while 23% own a PlayStation 4, and 21% own an Xbox One.

When it comes to overall gaming, 35% of survey responses say people are playing games through their phones, while 34% are playing games through gaming consoles.